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After more than 30 years of wearing glasses North Norfolk couple, Diana and Frank Weatherill, both have a new view of the world and one that greatly enhances their love of the outdoor life.

Having been diagnosed with cataracts by his optician, Frank, 67, looked at all of the available options for treatment and was taken with the idea of becoming not only cataracts-free but also glasses-free.

He chose to visit The Sandringham Hospital for treatment, where he was directed to consultant ophthalmologist Mr Manzar Saeed for specialist advice.

"I liked the idea of being glasses-free but this was not an option on the NHS, which will only provide single vision lenses so I would still need glasses for distance vision even though the cataracts were removed. I had been wearing distance and bifocal glasses for years and I liked the idea of not needing to wear them any more," said Frank.

Following comprehensive eye examinations at The Sandringham it became clear than Frank was suitable for toric lenses to be implanted into his eyes, which would correct his astigmatism and remove his need for distance vision spectacles.

The short operation, conducted under local anaesthetic, was carried out earlier this year with excellent results.

"Fishing has become so much easier, plus birdwatching, shooting and walking. The long distance vision is absolutely excellent, and it is brilliant to be free of glasses – so liberating. To get up in the morning and enjoy the wonderful scenery around us at Dereham, and focus on the branches in the distance without glasses is wonderful," he said.

Inspired by Frank's success, Diana, 64, has now opted for the same lens replacement treatment following years of wearing contact lenses and glasses. Her multifocal lens implants now mean that she is glasses-free for all distances, including near work and reading.


Professional cake maker, chocolatier and Diploma tutor, Julie Orton, has a new means of stepping up her fine skills for creating wonderfully ornate flowers and edible delights.

Julie, a former GP's practice manager from Bognor Regis, took up cake decoration as a hobby and turned it into a career when she was made redundant. She is now the recommended cake maker for Goodwood and regularly makes cakes for the Duke and Duchess of Richmond.

But after years of frustration Julie, 60, has abandoned her much needed, but troublesome, reading glasses for some advanced day surgery which has liberated her -
"I was permanently taking my glasses on and off and they were coated in sticky layers of sugar, then I would forget where I had left them. I have some allergies so often my eyes stream and this was another issue with my glasses," she explained.

Having decided that she needed a permanent solution Julie started to research eye surgery on the internet -
"For three years I looked at all of the options and read reviews of treatments and surgeons – you have to have confidence in people looking after your eyes."

As a result, Julie was treated at the North London Optimax Eye Surgery Clinic as a day surgery patient. In a painless procedure, under local anaesthetic, the natural lenses of her eyes were replaced with AMO Tecnis Multifocal lenses. Within minutes her distance and intermediate vision was good and she no longer needed reading glasses for near work.

"Having replacement lenses is the best thing I have ever done. It has made my work so much easier and I can thread a needle now without glasses. Recently my husband and I went out for dinner and as he had forgotten his glasses I had to read the menu to him!".

Manzar Saeed, Julie's consultant ophthalmic surgeon, explained -

"We can effectively wind the clock back with our eyes' functionality. By replacing the lenses in Julie's eyes with AMO Tecnis Multifocal lenses she now has excellent near vision as well as good distance and intermediate.".

"The additional good news for Julie is that now her tired natural lenses have been replaced she will not develop cataracts, as so many people do as they age."


Nationally renowned wildlife artist and nature book illustrator, Steve Cale, thought his professional life had come to an abrupt end after a freak accident left him blinded in his right eye.

The chance in a million accident looked like ending his days of painting for the Norfolk Wildlife Trust, RSPB and other wildlife charities, but thanks to the professional skill of a local eye surgeon he is now back to work.

Steve, aged 50, was returning to his home in Fakenham after a day's bird watching when, unloading the car, the plastic toggle of his coat flicked back into his eye causing extensive injuries –
"I blacked out with the pain and collapsed on the floor, and when I can around everything looked black in that eye. I went into shock - it was terrible.".

Steve's daughter, Laura, rushed him to the Queen Elizabeth A&E Department in King's Lynn and he was soon referred to see Mr Manzar Saeed the consultant ophthalmologist. As Steve explained -
"Mr Saeed told me that I had lost half of my iris, had damaged the structure which holds the lens in place and had a traumatic cataract. I thought this was to be the end of my professional career as I need binocular vision for my detailed painting. But Mr Saeed was wonderful – he has restored 80% of my vision in that eye and it has enabled me to get back to work – he has given me back my professional life."

In a delicate eye reconstruction operation Mr Saeed replaced the damaged iris and took out the natural lens, replacing it with an advanced artificial AMO Tecnis lens, as he explained -
"This reconstruction demonstrates the wonderful advances that we have made with eye surgery. It was crucial to use the very best lens technology to restore Steve's vision. Being able to replace the eye's natural lens has led to many people being glasses-free thanks to the most advanced modern options for implants which are now available.".

Coverage from Lincs Free Press and Cambridgeshire County Life Magazines.


KING'S LYNN builder, Paul Appleton, 45 was surprised to learn that he had developed cataracts at a relatively young age.

His otherwise good vision - he has never worn glasses - was reduced due to a clouding in both eyes, diagnosed as cataracts. Paul, who is self-employed, was relieved to hear that there was a solution to the cause of the problem when he was referred to the local Queen Elizabeth Hospital for treatment.

Standard NHS treatment entitled Paul to a clear lens replacement in both eyes. But after the right eye had been treated Paul realised that his reading vision was poor and that he would need to wear glasses for the first time.

A consultation with leading local eye surgeon, Mr Manzar Saeed, revealed that there was another option available - albeit, not on The NHS.

"Mr Saaed explained to me that it was now possible to implant a multifocal lens into the eye but that this was not an option on The NHS. So I took the plunge and decided to pay to have this treatment on my left eye at the Sandringham Hospital."

In a half hour operation, conducted under local anaesthetic while Paul was awake, Mr Saeed removed the aged cataract in the left eye which was clouding Paul's vision and inserted the multifocal lens. Working much like a progressive spectacle lens it provides vision at all distances, often without the need for glasses. The long term benefit is that this treatment ensures that cataracts do not develop again and many people can forget about eye treatments for years to come.

Paul is delighted with the result - "My long vision is now very good and I am free all day to work without glasses which is very useful. I had an excellent recovery and could see well almost immediately after the operation.".



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